#YouSeeUs was put online in September 2016 by the anonymous Behind-The-Screen-Team and new members join us every week.

We all have Ehlers-Danlos or Hypermobility Disorders (EDS or HSD) and many other invisible illnesses. With a range of skills, we create things for the internet and in the real world when meeting with businesses and organisations. We get help from people who don't have any illnesses, or as we call them, The Stripeless. 

EDS/HSD and Invisible Illnesses are serious subjects but we hope to have a lot of fun with the #ysuTribe along the way!

We are paying for the project costs.  We will not ask for personal financial donations.


Because unacceptable Institutional Abuse, medical attitudes, mistakes, neglect, ignorance and are ruining and costing the lives of people with EDS/HSD and other invisible illnesses like Gastroparesis, Dysautonomia and CCI.

...As the first video we made shows, EDS/HSD is not just being bendy...


Create the #YSU Network.  Raise loads of money - we have a seven figure target.  

Then invest half in an educational initiative targeting professionals within the health system...

...And give half of it away to Stripey and Spoonie individuals and small groups who need treatment and support.


We're working towards the money-making part of the project in 2020.  We can't tell you what this bit is now, but we're hoping #EDShsd2020 will be a big one!

Until then, we're building our online presence and creating the #YSU Network, to unite and empower people with invisible illnesses.

email us...

Want us to make your experiences into a HEDS Up! feature, or want to be mentored and commissioned by our professional Editor to write an exclusive article for our magazine?  Got a blog piece for us to publish too? 

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We make videos.  We want to make lots more. Got footage or photos of your daily struggles or hospital visits?  Maybe you're an artist with an image you want to show the world?  We need your input and imagery. 

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We're building a network. If you're part of the Facebook #ysuTribe, we want to promote your blog, cause, group, website independent business...Whatever your passions and talent. For free.  Why? Simple! #SpoonieSolidarity.

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