#YouSeeUs was put online in September 2016. The anonymous Behind-The-Screen-Team all have Ehlers-Danlos (EDS) and many other conditions. 

We do get help with stuff from people who don't have any illnesses, or as we call them, The Stripeless. 

We have a range of professional skills we use to create things for the internet, and in the real world when meeting with businesses and organisations. 

EDS/HSD and Invisible Illnesses are serious subjects but we hope to have a lot of fun with the #ysuTribe along the way!


Because unacceptable medical attitudes, ignorance and abuse are ruining and costing the lives of people with Ehlers-Danlos/Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders and other invisible illnesses.

As the first video we made shows...


Raise loads of money, then invest half in an educational initiative targeting professionals within the health system...

                           ...And give half of it away to Stripey individuals                     and small groups who need treatment and support.



#WillYouSeeUs and #WeSeeYou Selfies, photographs, video footage and artistic creations. 


To get your group, blog, cause, fundraising, awareness campaign on site and across our social media. 


Your stories, thoughts, blog posts, or to request a YSU HEDS Up! interview.


To become an official #YSU supporter, to work with us, and all media/Press Release related enquiries.
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