Why help?

Because you can. Just by clicking online.

And because now more than ever, people with EDS/HSD and other invisible illnesses like Gastroparesis and Dysautonomia really need your support

Diagnostic criteria released in March 2017 have complicated our day-to-day care, when it is already substandard and neglectful. Things are getting worse, 
not better.

There will be many people out there suffering, who have not yet received a diagnosis oEDS/HSD, or its associated conditions, and NEED one if they're to be helped -in some cases, their lives even saved.    

Together we are empowered to achieve more.
Together we can prove #IgnoranceIsNoExcuse.

I'm not ill.  How can I help?

You're key to this project's success.  People with no illnesses or disabilities will make the real difference. 

Like and follow our social media.

Share features, stories, videos and images.

Use the project hashtags.

Using the YouSeeUs hashtags whenever you post about illness or disability is the most effective thing you can do to team-up right now.

I've got an Invisible Illness but not EDS/HSD. How can I team-up?
Then chances are, you go through many of the same struggles people with EDS/HSD do.

And, although Ehlers-Danlos and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders remain at the heart of our project,  people with any kind of Invisible Illness can contribute your photos, videos and email interviews for HEDS Up! features.

We're not just about Stripeys - we're supporting all sorts of Spoonies and invisible illnesses.

We're bringing together the varied online communities to form one big #ysuTribe, and together we begin a new kind of fight to bring about the changes we need so desperately. 

I've got EDS/HSD. How do I team-up?  

The #ysuTribe send us photographs and videos, which we turn into project content. They're central to the project.  Send yours to our Facebook inbox or email them to us. 

We also need people for email interviews for our HEDS Up! features.  We can't do anything without your contributions

And once you're part of the Tribe and part of the ysuNetwork, we'll help promote your cause, hobby, talent, event or independent business across the internet - for free. 

Think of it as a new #ysuDirectory.

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