Why should I help?

Because now more than ever, we really need the Public's supportNew diagnostic criteria have just been released and we need the medical profession to pay attention to them - and us.

There will be many people out there suffering, who have not yet received a diagnosis of EDS/HSD, and they NEED one if they're to be helped.   

Together we are empowered to achieve more.

I'm not ill.  How can I help?

Like and follow our social media.
Share features, stories, videos and images.
Use the project hashtags.
Send us your #WSY Selfie >> 
We will not be asking for personal financial donations.

I've got EDS/HSD. How do I team-up?

The #ysuTribe send us photographs and videos, which we turn into project content.  They're central to everything we do. Send yours to our Facebook inbox or email them to us. 

We also need people for email interviews for our HEDS Up! features.  We can't do anything without your contributions

Using the project hashtags when you post or share things about EDS/HSD (even if not from us) is the most effective you can do for #ysu right now. 

I've got an Invisible Illness but not EDS/HSD.  How can I team up?

Then chances are, you go through many of the same struggles people with EDS/HSD do.

And just like Bendies, you can contribute your photos, videos and email interviews for HEDS Up! features.

We're not just about Stripeys - we're supporting all sorts of Spoonies.
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