The #ysuTribe


You don't have to have an illness to team-up, you just need to want to help change lives - by clicking online...

The ysuTribe is everyone who subscribes to, follows and Likes our social media.  The more Tribe members, the more we can get from companies.

There's also the #ysuBTST, working anonymously for free. Most of us have EDS/HSD and associated illnesses too. 


People with EDS/HSD and many other Invisible Illnesses are commonly accused of hypochondria, Fabricated Illnesses and other psychological disorders by medical professionals who have no real knowledge of their patients' conditions - and refuse to research them.

Collectively, we've had enough andmedics are busy looking at the wrong illnesses, while patients are dismissed degenerating, damaged and some dying.   

Prompt and proper diagnosis and management can make the difference between permanent physical damage or even death, and the chance at living a life - not just existing.


Not disabled or ill? Just share our features, videos and posts on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Got an illness or disability - especially Ehlers-Danlos/HSD? Just share stuff too...

...But also contribute your stories, photos and footage.  If you've got a blog or a drive to write, you can also share pieces or create new ones for the site.

Most importantly, do some #ysuSurveys and email interviews for magazine features in HEDS Up!. 

We will not ask for personal donations. 

Empowerment In Unity

The EDS/HSD and other Invisible Illness Communities regularly come together to help other Stripeys who have had their children taken away due to false child abuse allegations, when their children's injuries are undiagnosed or ignored EDS/HSD.

Increasingly, different communities representing all kinds of disability and invisible illnesses are uniting and working together to make the changes in awareness and medical political situations that we all so urgently need. 

The EDS Tribe is worried the new diagnostic criteria, made public March 2017, will complicate things for us and make getting diagnosed and treated even harder. 

We need your help now more than ever.

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